PostalThreads Video

PostalThreads has been closed since before the last market I participated in, in November!!! Since about that time we got our first smartphones ever, I made an Instagram account for PostalThreads (@PostalThreads), I completed the Knitwear Design class I was taking at the local community college fashion institute & earned an A! And we enjoyed lots of family time throughout the was our Littlest One's first Christmas!!!

I made my first little movie ever to inspire you to send some love via snail mail this Valentines season! [But obviously I still need to work on my technical skills if you can't view it!! : / ...UPDATE: Heyy! Some of it got cut off, but I finally figured out how to post the little movie on Instagram @PostalThreads...look for the door hanging of a bouquet of roses :)]

Also, don't forget to enter the GIVEWAY over on @PostalThreads Instagram page!