French Macaron Craze...Very cute in photos, but can anyone actually make these?

French Macaron Craze...

French macarons...very cute in photos, but can anyone actually make these?!?? toddler girl with yellow French macarons on green & white background

I am far from an "early adopter" when it comes to the latest trends in technology (my husband & I have yet to buy smart phones), decor, and design.  But when I see something I really like, I generally find a way to do it...eventually. Well, it has been driving me crazy now for months (years?) that I see pictures of French macarons everywhere---billboards, party & decor blogs, and storefront windows, to name a few.

Hey, this is not a food blog...but lately I have been feeling like sewing projects have sprawled and it's time to reel them in and get organized before I can move forward. How does this relate to food? Well, baking and experimenting with new recipes tend to be pretty high on the list when it comes to "distractions that keep me from accomplishing more important 'to do's'".

So back to macarons, I think it really put me over the edge when I noticed on the popular blog, Sugar & Cloth (that I generally really like; a nominee for the 2016 Bloglovin' Awards in the "Best Entertaining Blog" category) has an entire section dedicated to DIY Macaron posts, but disappointingly uses store bought macarons for these "DIY" designs. After another glance, I noticed the section is actually titled "viewing macarons" (a quiet disclaimer to my initial disappointing discovery). So all I see are lots of cute & pretty macarons, styled & edited for Pinterest-perfect viewing pleasure only...good ideas, but not really what I was hoping to find.

THEN! I watched sweetco0kiepie's updated version of her YouTube video on how to make French macarons, something I had never viewed before. Come to find out, this very young sounding girl's original macaron video received 1 million views, and on its 3 year anniversary she decided to post her remake. The updated video has only been out a relatively short time and already has nearly a half a million views. I watched both versions, for curiosity sake. The updated version is definitely what I recommend. I took notes while I watched, then followed every instruction, in the exact ordered she described & demonstrated....AND they turned out on my very first French macaron attempt EVER! Hip hip hooray!

Below is the link to the video.

How To Make French Macarons - UPDATED VERSION | sweetco0kiepie

Thank you, sweetco0kiepie!
I can't wait to try new flavors and colors.

By the way, one of my favorite "informative" articles on French macarons and their rise to popularity, that I came across is from the Wall Street Journal, here. (March 2010). And one of my favorite quotes from the article was this:

"'Macarons are not meant to be mainstream,' sniffs Laetitia Brock, a native of Paris who has been blogging about French culture from Washington for the past six years."

Well, like it or not, sweetco0kiepie's YouTube video on how to make French macarons, has given me the confidence and the know-how that a main-streamer like me can join in the fun of this fancy French dessert craze.

So if cupcakes are out, and French macarons are in, what's next?? HERE is a link to a fun little article from the Houston Press called, "Cupcakes are Out: 5 Treats That Are In". By the way, it was written clear back in 2013!! haha! Like I said, I am not an early adopter...anyone else feeling like they're still "catching up" like me??!?)

a random post by PostalThreads, homemade yellow French macarons

In a nutshell: This was about my experience with French macarons; the motivation behind my first attempt; making this fancy French dessert in my own kitchen was a success thanks to sweetco0kiepie's YouTube video. Now I can feel like an active, creative, mainstream, blogging participant, in my own kitchen, in the middle of the French macaron craze. [And take my own, not-so-perfect "Pinterest-perfect" photos of French macarons, haha!] (This little girl is sure cute!)

a random post by PostalThreads, homemade yellow French macarons

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  1. Good job, Lisa! The macaroons look delicious, and you're right, that little girls sure is cute!