S is for... Scrap Map

S is for Scrap Map USA

You have probably seen many versions of a scrap map by now.  A little over 5 years ago, Kate from See Kate Sew entered her scrap map project in Week 5's SYTYC (So You Think You're Crafty) "Upcycled Crafts" competition, and won! Her tutorial is straightforward, complete with photos. I found her instructions on how to print off a map template especially helpful. This was the project that introduced me to See Kate Sew's many wonderful and fun sewing tutorials.

S is for...Scrap Map, Different fabric scraps for each state to make a map of the USA
Scrap Map
I started my scrap map project, and then put it down, then picked it back up at least a couple times over several months before finally finishing it. Here it is!

Instead of doing an outline of each state, I decided to just zig-zag stitch along all the borders. It was pretty forgiving and worked out all right. I wrapped the muslin around a piece of foam core--probably the inexpensive kind from the dollar store. I attached some crochet lace trim to hang it.

I love that this truly is a "Scrap Map." But now I kind of want to coordinate the color-scheme and do another one!!...or wait until I have "cute scraps." I also think if I did this again I would use even more variety of fabric textures.

S is for... Scrap Map!

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