Q is for Quilt

Q is for Quilt! Crib Size Triangle Quilt for Baby Boy!

Inspired by See Kate Sew's triangle quilt tutorial and updated tips I successfully completed this simple nautical, lightweight, summer baby boy quilt!

triangle quilt with nautical colors--navy, red, ombre aquas/blues, grey & white stripes

Kate has all the tips and tricks you need. I found her updated version for sewing accurate triangle points most helpful. (See links above). She includes a link to her free pattern on craftsy.com, but I did not figure that out so I just made my own template based on dimensions she mentions: the top of the triangle is 5 3/4" and the sides are 8". I also made the corners blunt to match triangle points more accurately, as suggested in her updated post. As a side note, she suggests half a yard each of 6 different fabrics but I was a little surprised with the amount of scrap fabric I had after cutting out the triangles.You may be fine with just 15" (I guess it is just easier to say "half a yard" though).

The blanket is about crib size, so it sewed up pretty fast---18 triangles, plus two half-triangles (on the ends) for each row; six rows all together.

Choosing the color scheme was probably the most difficult thing about this project. I went for navy, red, a grey/white ¼” stripe, 2 different blues—a lighter one with very faint tiny white polka dots and a deeper medium grey-blue, and a greenish-blue that was more robin’s egg than mint-y, alone, but looks pretty green next to the rest of the colors. Now that I described them, can you find them all? :)

I used one layer of canvas fabric from my stash for the "batting" in the middle. I wanted to give the blanket some weight, but keep it cool and light for summer. To keep the layers together I machine stitched about 1/8" away from each of the two middle horizontal seams (left to right), as well as every two "diagonal rows" (top to bottom). Then I made a fake binding by rolling-up/folding the backing fabric a couple times, then machine stitched around, edge-stitching near the clean-finished edge. (I cannot claim to be a quilter...maybe someday I will learn how to sew a proper binding!)

I love how it turned out!

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