U is for Up-Cycle: Men's Shirt Onesie

U is for Up-Cycle! Daddy's Old Shirt Turned Baby Boy's Onesie

My husband works at a computer all day and tends to wear holes into his dress-shirts, around the elbow. Such was the case of this once-men's-shirt, but thanks to THIS free pattern & tutorial at Sew Mama Sew, featured by Sophie, I cut up all the essential dress-shirt pieces (visit tutorial & details below), made some double folded "bias" tape for an elastic casing, sewed a couple buttons & buttonholes for the closure and turned it into a onesie for Baby Boy!
...I know I am skipping to the end, jumping all the way to the letter "U" but I couldn't help it.
I did take in the sides and cut the sleeves shorter than what the pattern called for...the sleeve placket actually goes right up close to the armpit, haha, oh well! And instead of cutting out an entirely new collar, I used the original collar so I could keep the original points & top-stitching.  Hence the seam in center back of collar. Same thing with keeping the original cuff--so there is an extra seam down the arm that continues through the cuff. But I do not think it looks bad. I used the spare buttons that were on the inside of the center front placket for the onesie closure--removed them, then re-sewed them in place. They were different sizes, so I just matched them accordingly with the different sized button-holes that I sewed.

Pressing is key; it helps not to skip it!

Can't wait to see the actual fit on Baby Boy!

It is not hard to find even more ways to up-cycle men's dress shirts. This person's board has a fairly comprehensive collection of re-purpose projects using men's dress shirts, from quilts & decor, to accessories & clothes, including baby pants made out of the cuffs/sleeves, and little girl dresses!

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