J is for... "J" Monogram Door Hanging

The "Sew Up A Storm" Alphabet Series continues...

J is for "J" monogram door hanging.  I saw something like this on someone's front door and decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with:

Here's What I Did:
1. Acquire a huge embroidery hoop--sometimes you can find these at thrift stores, otherwise they may be found with quilting notions at a fabric store.
2. Acquire enough burlap or fabric of choice to frame inside the embroidery hoop--amount of fabric will depend on size of hoop. Frame your burlap or other fabric--try to get it nice an tight.
3. Decide what fabric you will cut a letter from, and find a font you really like for the letter or initials you will use; view it in "outline" form or free-hand it onto some paper--transfer your pattern onto fusible interfacing to stabilize your letter fabric.
4. Then use basting spray* to "stick" the letter onto the burlap.
5. Tear a strip of fabric from your letter fabric or fabric or ribbon of choice to attach and form a bow for the top of the hoop. Attach another strip/ribbon to use to loop over a door hanger.

*If you use Wonder-under, or something like it for the back of the letter, instead of basting spray to "stick" it onto the background fabric, I recommend ironing it on to your background fabric before you frame it in the hoop.

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