I is for... Ironing Board Cover

I is for...Ironing Board Cover. (Make-Over). When your ironing board cover appears to be on the way to becoming as old and stained as mine (left), consider re-covering with really cute fabric, OR fabric from your stash that you are probably never going to use (I chose the latter type of fabric).

Short instructions:
Cut your new cover fabric around your ironing board about 4"-6" away from the edge, sew a casing and fit it to your board by cinching and tying off a cord or drawstring.

Here is what I did:
1) Fold fabric, matching selvage edges, right sides facing out (so wrong sides together) & lay out across a flat surface---floor, table, counter).
2) With ironing board closed, lay over fabric with the board facing the fabric.
3) Taking fabric shears, about 4"-6" out from the edge of the ironing board, cut all the way around the board.
4) (Then I used a serger to serge around the entire edge, to keep the layers together, but you could skip this part or use a zig-zag stitch on your machine).
5) Create a 1/2"-1" casing around the entire fabric edge, leaving a 2"-4" opening along the straight, bottom edge of the ironing board--this is where you will cinch up your cording/drawstring and tie a bow or knot (see photo). By the way, fun fact: a "proper" casing is 1/4" wider than the width of your drawstring/elastic.
6) Thread your cording or drawstring (I just used about 2 1/2? yards of a double strand of some red yarn I had and it seemed to be strong enough) through the casing; even out where it gathers and make sure it fits tightly over your ironing board.
7) When you have your new cover all situated where you would like, tie it off, and you're done!

This is the third "re-cover" this board has experienced so I did not bother with re-padding it. However, that would work too! You would just sandwich it between your 2 layers of fabric.

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