M is for Mini Fabric Purse/Card Holder

New Favorite Stash Buster Project...

M is for Mini Fabric Purse/Card Holder
------  UPDATE: Mini Fabric Purse/Card Holder free pattern by PostalThreads, click here.
A tip for printing: Do NOT select "Fit to Page" otherwise, the pattern pieces come out slightly smaller than intended.  Tutorial Is Here!

Years ago I was gifted one of these. I recently took it traveling so I could have a handy, flat, little something to carry some cash in my pocket. I searched and searched for a pattern, but found none, so I decided to have a go at designing a pattern myself, based off the mini purse I was gifted. These are so versatile & fun to make--completely lined! You end up sewing the "purse" pieces right sides together and then turning the whole thing right sides out, and hand-stitching the little opening closed, at the end. As far as the closure goes, I think a little snap closure might be cute too, but I personally do not mind the Velcro--it keeps it all soft and flat. "Press as you Sew!" should be the motto for putting together these little dainties. This is my new favorite fabric stash buster project!

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