K is for... Kitchen Aid Bowl Cover, but any bowl will do.

How to Sew a Reversible Bowl Cover...Works For Round Bar Stool Covers Too!

K is for Kitchen Aid Bowl Cover

Thanks to Lindsey's beautiful tutorial on her site The Cottage Mama, here, I learned how to make bowl covers. She sews hers with one layer of fabric, and then uses double folded bias tape to create the casing for the elastic. I like the clean look the bias tape gives, but I decided to sew two circles, right sides together, then turn it inside out, and create my own casing by sewing around the circle (now right sides facing out). This way the bowl cover is reversible!  And I did not have to try and coordinate double folded bias tape colors, nor purchase any of it, nor make any bias tape of my own!

The same principles for these fun reversible bowl covers can be applied to making round bar stool covers, as well. Simply place a layer or two of batting, for extra cushioning, and measure a little farther out for your circles, depending on the depth of the top of round bar stool piece.

Below I have written basic instructions for creating a reversible bowl cover, referring to the pictures in this post.

Reversible Bowl Cover:
Step 1: Create your bowl cover pattern--turn bowl upside down on paper; measure and mark 2 inches all the way around; cut out circle pattern piece

Step 2: Pin circle pattern piece to 2 layers of fabric for a reversible--they can be the coordinating fabric prints or two different looks; cut out your fabric.

Step 3: (not pictured above) With circle fabric pieces right sides together, stitch a 3/8" (1 cm) seam around the circle, leaving an opening (about 3" wide); turn fabric right sides out.

Step 4: (not pictured above) Press; Stitch all the way around top bowl cover. Casing is typically determined by stitching a seam 1/4" larger than the width of your elastic. (Ex. 3/8" elastic, stitch casing 5/8" from edge). Insert elastic through casing using a bodkin or safety pin.

Step 5: Stitch elastic together (for elastic to lay flat, lay one end on top of other end as shown in the photo).

Step 6: Hand- or machine-sew opening of casing.

You did it! Now try out your reversible bowl cover!

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