F is for...felt finger puppets!

To Sew or No-Sew?...

F is for felt finger puppets!
Felt finger puppets are fun! There are many ideas out there, so before you get too overwhelmed, try setting some expectations for a "finger puppet project". You might consider a few things before you begin:

  • How much are you willing to hand sew? machine sew?
  • Are you okay if the neighbor child (or your own child) tears apart every single "no-sew" finger puppet you have?
  • Do you want them to all coordinate, like characters in a storybook or fairy tale or nursery rhyme?
  • Do you have a finger play or song in mind? ex. "5 Little Monkeys..."
  • Do you need a pattern or are you making your own?
  • What colors do you need? Will your felt stash be sufficient, or do you still need a few colors or additional supplies---are you stitching eyes, etc. or gluing googly eyes, or pom-poms for a tail or nose, etc?
  • Are you trying to mass produce these, or just make a few?
These were created using a combination of machine sewing and hot gluing for the animal, airplane, & super-hero finger puppets, and hand sewing for the dinosaur ones.

For the dinosaurs, I searched for free dinosaur outlines to use as a pattern--I made them a little small--I guess they really are for kids!!

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