24+ Toddler Travel Activities

24+ Toddler Travel Activities by PostalThreads

 24+ Toddler Travel Activities For the Long, Long Flights

Here you will find 1-24 travel activity ideas, "...a few more things" and also view my "Quiet Book" progress!

We recently flew with our 16-month-old and baby-on-the-way, 4 hours, across the country, and then another 16 hours on a transatlantic flight, to visit family for 2 weeks. Then we traveled back home again.

We did it! We survived! Now I am ready to tell you that I really did have a lot of fun researching travel activities, all the while nervously wondering what our long flights would entail and how our Little One would do with it all. I ended up putting together way more activities and snacks than we actually "needed", but considering what it did for my peace-of-mind, every single one of these items was absolutely necessary!! :) Below is a list along with comments related to what we liked, and which things we never got to.

"Don't over-pack" is still sound advice, but do what you've gotta do!
Safe & Happy Travels!

1. First 100 Words Board Book by Priddy Books. ISBN 978-0-0312-51078-7
Pack a word or counting book with lots of pictures; mere page turning, identifying, verbal speaking skills.
2. "Who Loves Baby?" photo album--gifted to us. Clear covered pages to slip 4x6 prints of family. Practice identifying who you are about to visit, on the way there, and on the way home, who you saw.

3. Balloon Ball by PostalThreads. I left a deflated balloon in the fabric balloon ball cover so when we wanted to play with the ball, we found the balloon through the fabric slit, inflated it, twisted (instead of tie-off) the end, then tucked it under. The balloon stays inflated that way, so you can have a fun ball that bounces whenever and wherever you go, and you can take it down whenever you want! Never a dull moment!
4. TwistUp Crayons--less "messy" than regular crayons. Counting, in-and-out, and coloring, of course!

5. Doodle Board from the dollar store. I recommend only looking at a dollar store for one of these. Other places did not have one this simple. It was PERFECT though! She loved it!
6. Stacking cups. We took the entire set, since the place we were staying did not have a lot of toys for little people, and this is a very compact and versatile toy. However, we only took the smaller ones, from the set, with us in our carry-on. Move objects, in-and-out, "hide-and-seek" with items under the cups, or hold a few snacks, etc.

7. Fabric draw-string pouches. Conceals & organizes toys & activities.
8. Altoids tin magnetic fishing set (inspired by Doodlecraft): I used a sucker stick as the "fishing pole" instead of a wooden dowel, and I did opposite than tutorial in link--I put washers in the fish and a magnet on the string end. I would do it her way, if I did it over. I used some under-the-sea themed scrap fabric to sew a "pond".

9. Snap closure mini change purse from the dollar store, with a few rings and quarters in it. In-and-out, open-shut, over and over again!
10. Card holder from an old wallet with expired/used gift cards. More page turning, in-and-out, etc.
11. Fabric napkins. This was more for me than for Baby. Sometimes you just want your lap tray table to look fun and pretty, right? We ended up using one of these for the Button Container Fun.

12. Button Container Fun Assortment of buttons--colors, sizes, shapes, in a small plastic container with lid. In-and-out. [Yes, a choking hazard, but I can't tell you how many minutes were occupied with these! Many! And did we lose any?....perhaps one or two, but I actually do not believe we did.]

13. Sticky notes--we actually never opened these! I had another, even smaller pad already open and we played with those, for more in-and-out things with the snap closure mini change purse. Possibilities with sticky notes are numberless!
14. Blue Painters Tape--I kept reading recommendations for traveling with blue painters tape because it is easy to remove and won't damage various surfaces. I thought how silly to take the ENTIRE roll, so I wrapped an empty thread spool with several inches. (I don't think we ever got to this, though!)
15. Printer paper page filled with toddler fingerplay lyrics I gathered from an online search. You have your standard Itsy-Bitsy Spider songs on file, in your head, but I am always up for adding more to my sing-song mommy repertoire! I wish I would have pulled this out---it's not like we didn't have enough time!!

16. Stop Watch--Indiglo and a faint "beep" that gets drowned out by the airplane noise anyway; too fun!

17. Ribbon of colorful wooden beads & empty spools. I just used what I had in my stash. I made sure the ribbon was longer than the amount of beads so there was room to move beads back and forth; use wider ribbon so beads don't slip around all the time.

18. Foam Stickers & Regular Stickers---foam stickers generally come off more surfaces, easier than regular stickers. Busy time and texture.

19. Baby Lotion & lip balm-- airplane air dries out your skin. Feel slightly rejuvenated every once in a while.

20. Feathers in a resealable bag.

21. Finger Puppets!

22. Lacing cards--foam, shoe lace, and 1/8" hole punch (works best if you hole punch the foam with card stock up against it).

23. Pipe Cleaners
24. Pom-Pom Creatures--pom-poms with googly eyes. These were surprisingly a big hit.
Well, there you have it. 1-24.

Read on for "...a few more things" we liked:
24+ Toddler Travel Activities by PostalThreads

1. Kidz Gear headphones--received a lot better reviews than other, "flashier" kid headphones. Found that Target carries these.
2. SmartWool socks---I actually wore compression socks for the long flights, but I love these ankle SmartWool socks so much, I wore them over the long, compression socks. Super comfy & breathable for travel.
3. You see these neck/head pillows EVERYWHERE! Airports charge $15-$20 for a plushy pillow. However, I found this inflatable (compact) version with a soft, comfy cover from Walmart for much less.

"Quiet Book" Progress

Nothing like the prospects of a loooonnnnng flight motivated me to actually finish some quiet book pages. Anyone that has ventured into this realm knows it is time-consuming, can be addicting, usually rewarding, you should not get into it unless you really want to, and it is at least a little ridiculous--you start thinking how eVeRyThInG can turn into a quiet book page, and then you start gathering seemingly needless scraps & notions for the "someday"quiet book pages!

Here's to "Quiet Book" Progress:
"Quiet Book" Progress
Quiet Book Progress!
Quiet Book Cover--I made this up based off of the size of the two sided muslin fabric pages. I backed the inside cover blue fabric with fusible interfacing to give the cover more stability, and stitched all over with contrasting thread, on the inside layer, for decorative sake. After I had sewn the inside cover and outer cover, right sides together and turn it, I added a "spine" to the inside cover where I wanted to "center" the pages, and added two fabric loops made with a bias tape maker. I used book rings and sewed 2 buttonholes in corresponding places to match the rings so the pages stay together, but are also interchangeable. I added another "spine" for the outside of the cover. I attached the book handles under the outside "spine". (I guess I didn't actually put the rings in until I finished the sewing).

Turkey with feathers & buttons--There is an opening for a pocket on the turkey body, behind the green and blue feathers, to store or "hide" removed feathers.

Alphabet--I found these iron-on letters, on clearance for a dollar at a craft store.

Barn & Rolling Hills--I used Jocelyn's free templates from Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows for these pages. She also has free templates for the barn animal finger puppets--super helpful!

Counting Page--the safari animal beads were "irresistible". This page "is what it is." I still want to add actual numbers to one side...  I used pipe cleaners and opted for counting left to right rather than top to bottom because I thought they would sag less. As cute as they are, all these beads, together, are noisier than I thought--take caution.

Zipper page--I probably should have chosen zippers that are easier going than these, but she'll grow into it!

Fruit Sack--matching. Also the brown felt "paper bag" is a pocket to store the fruit. I used velcro, but just know that velcro snags felt.

Cupcake, Flower Vase, and Box of Chocolates Valentine pages, as well as the weaving heart, were inspired by ImagineOurLife's Valentine Mini Quiet Book.

Articles of Faith page--I used the 1995 Primary theme poster: "We Believe the Articles of Faith" which you can find a pdf version from lds.org by clicking here. I cut it up and created pockets with clear plastic from my stash, probably from the packaging from a new set of sheets or something. I attached laminated words of each Article of Faith to a ribbon and matched it to the row. Another one for her to grow into!

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