G is for... "Give Thanks" banner

Loving the Banner Bandwagon!...Check out "A Few Notes About Bunting & Banners" below:

What I Did: Pulled together some Fall/Thanksgiving fabric from stash, along with a few odds-and-ends---scraps of lace, buttons, wooden beads, etc. Cut out the pennants, & burlap letters; sewed burlap letters to front pennants, then sewed them front to back, right sides together, flipped them, pressed each one, made "bias tape" with my bias tape maker--I just cut it on the crosswise grain, though; and pinned it to the pennants. I wish I would have over lapped them a little differently than I did, like left OVER right, instead, but oh well.

"Give Thanks" pennant banners in oranges, browns, yellows, with burlap letters and crocheted lace and button details
G is for "Give Thanks" banner!

What I Did NOT Know Until Long After This Project Was Complete!: Walmart carries di-cut alphabet packages of burlap letters!!! That would have been nice to know seeing as I found a font in outline form that I liked, printed it off, and then cut every single letter out of paper and burlap, individually!...oh well! [And! Just now, I learned they carry seasonal red burlap di-cut letter packages besides these natural color letters.] By the way, if you sew with these di-cut letters, realize they have adhesive, so don't let the gunk build up too much on your needle, and be careful getting it off.

Adhesive Die-Cut Burlap, Alphabet, Natural, 2 Packs

Adhesive Die-Cut Burlap, Alphabet, Natural, 2 Packs

A Few Notes About Bunting & Banners: I believe it was around the time of this project, or not long after that I came across my ALL TIME FAVORITE simple YouTube tutorial on making your own pennant bunting. Measurements in this tutorial are given in centimeters; if it bothers you, convert it to inches, but realize you just follow the same principle of doubling or halving. It will make more sense after you watch the 3:19 minute video. Also, if you are not adding any little "extras" to the pennants, then having your fabric right sides together to begin with saves time, by saving you from having to turn and match triangles.

And just for fun, I found this cute post on Miss Party, called "Buntings, Banners, Pennants and Garlands -- What's the difference?" here, if you're interested.

G is for..."Give Thanks" Banner....and garland, and grommets, and so on!

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