F is for... DIY Fairy Tale Theme Decor

The recycled egg carton toadstools are my favorite...

We hosted a "Fairy Tale Mystery Menu 'Breakfast For Dinner'" party for the 8-11 year old girls from church. I had fun making decorations. This is what came together:

  • The Seven Dwarfs, inspired by Tissue Tube Dwarfs at Disney Family [Thorough tutorial! Love it.]
  • Talking Doorknob, from Disney Family, here.
  • The cutest egg carton mushroom/toadstools ever! Inspired by a photo from this Egg Carton Gallery on Flickr. [Great way to use up an egg carton stash! Painted red with foam brush & applied white dots with cue-tips]
  •  Center Pieces: Each girl took home a dollar store butterfly "flower" (these came in bunches, so that worked out great). Crayons inside candle votive, with white beans. Crayons were for their fairy tale"place mats"--Printed at the local library--5 cents/page on 11x17 paper.
  • "Little Red Riding Hood" cape & basket from our Easter decorations box (Cape featured in upcoming "L is for... Little Red Riding Hood cape")
A good time was had by all!

collage of 7 dwarves tissue tubes, egg carton toadstools/mushrooms, talking doorknob, table set with coloring page placemats, crayons, Little Red Riding Hood cape & basket
F is for fairy tale theme decor!

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