C is for Card Table Tents--Sew Your Own "Princess Palace"

Card table play tents are back!

Good old fashioned card table play tents have made quite a come back in the last decade. You can find really any theme you can imagine out there, from castles & pirates, or carnivals, to quaint little shops & home designs, or even a car wash!

Favorite Tutorial For Card Table Tents: My absolute favorite online resource for card table tents is found here at Old Days Old Ways blog by Wendy. She gives measurements for walls, and shows you how to create the roof, along with several ideas for variations.

What I DidInspired by the second tent Wendy features on her Classic Card Table--With Variations blog post, I up-cycled an extra shear curtain I already had, and some scrap fabric--leftover eyelet from another curtain for the trim, and some pink satiny remnants for the roof, to create what we, at our house call "The Princess Palace." You can use a dowel or a paper-towel roll, or cut down a wrapping paper roll to the correct height to make the roof stand up. The photos here show our tent, indoors, but I loved taking it outside in the summer and watching the shear walls wisp around in the breeze.

I love how quickly a space can transform into imaginative play with a card table tent. Simple card table tents sew up relatively fast and make for great gifts too! They are a great project to use up your fabric or up-cycle other pieces if you have quite the stash!

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