B is for... Butternut Squash Ghosts

Butternut Squash Ghosts--1) up-cycle white tights, 2) adhesive backed black felt scraps, 3) butternut squash

3 Butternut Squash Ghosts covered with leg pieces of white tights. Black felt for eyes. Easy storage decor. Displayed next to candy corn candy dish.What I Did: Inspired by a photo I saw in another library book (see below), I up-cycled an old, worn out pair of white tights by cutting the leg parts into into three sections and discarding the rest--three sections, since, at the time, I had 3 butternut squash on hand! Then I used sticky-backed black felt (found at most craft stores), to cut out "ghost eye" shapes. The templates in the back of the book were helpful in coming up with some of the eye shapes. Then I stretched a piece of stocking/tights over each butternut squash, stuck the eyes on, and set out my new decor! The stocking ghosts are so easy to store when the season is through. We love butternut squash in the fall so it's a given that we'll have some around.

Idea Inspiration: One day at the local public library, I came across Matthew Mead's Monster Book of HalloweenISBN: 9781603201056  Publication Information: New York, N.Y. : Time Home Entertainment, c2009. Physical Description: 256 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Cover image for Matthew Mead's monster book of Halloween.
This book is so fun. Every page is loaded with pictures, ideas, and brief descriptions. In the very back there is an entire section of templates from miniature jack-o'-lantern faces, bats, cats, ghost garland, a moon man, to candy corn, and more!

On page 129, I came across the "Gourd Warmer". It suggests embellishing, with black yarn stitches, an orange small, child-size knit hat to create a jack-o'-lantern face, and then to pull it over a gourd--looks to me like a butternut squash.

I thought, "I don't have an orange knit hat, but I have a pair of white tights I am about to throw out!" A few moments later I had three little butternut squash ghosts!

Try it! Your guests will be sure to comment on your clever gourd ghosts!

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