B is for... Baby Blankets

"B" is for baby blankets

Baby Blankets

 Basting spray was new to me at the start of this project. This project idea came from my cousin's wife who made a sweet blanket for her little one similar to the blue blanket here. She said she used basting spray to keep all the little flannel "patches" intact. Then you stitch around all the fabric patches--raw edges exposed! I did not stitch around every single patch individually, but rather I stitched a grid.  For the pink blanket, I stitched the grid through top part of the blanket and the batting, only, because it would have been too thick with what I used for the back. But for the blue blanket, I just used fleece for the back, so then I stitched the grid through all the layers.

It was fun deciding where the fabric patches would all go. Then sewing it up went relatively fast, especially for a "quilt". When the blanket is finished you run it through the washer & dryer similar to how you would "finish" a rag quilt, then trim up the fabric patch edges and then snuggle your precious baby. I do not recommend this as a quilt you would ever leave in a crib, in case of over-looked loose thread wads, but it sure makes for a soft "play mat" and cuddly blanket.

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