Simple Treasures Craft Show Coming November 11-14!!!

I am sewing up a storm and I can't wait for the Holiday Simple Treasures Show! I just bought more fabric to make balloon balls even though I have not finished using what I already have! Typical.

Photo Prop Balloon Balls by PostalThreads

Sample Photo Prop Fabric Balloon Balls by PostalThreads. Reusable, washable, and travels light. Request customization for a color scheme to match any occasion or season.

Rotarty Cutter Blades--Do you need to match your blade refill brand to your rotary cutter brand?

Fiskars Rotary Cutter Blades, 45mm, 5 Per Pack
Fiskars Rotary Cutter 45mm Refill Blades--5 pack

Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter

 I am okay with this! :)

I highly recommend not spending a ridiculous amount on refills even if they are "on sale". You definitely need to match the SIZE of rotary cutter blade to the size of your rotary cutter, (in my case, 45mm), but as far as matching the brand, so far I am okay with not matching.

Here's my story: I was gifted an Olfa brand 45mm rotary cutter, which I have put to great use. My blade was in need of replacement so I checked at one store who carries Olfa and Fiskars brands and the cost (even with the said 30% off) was still outrageous for only TWO blades--it would be about $36! I decided to visit another store and discovered they did not carry Olfa but they carried Fiskars and another brand.

I had heard that you really need to match your blade brand to your rotary cutter brand, but today I am thrilled to say I purchased the FIVE PACK Fiskar's brand blades at the second store for less than $18 total. And so far it is working great. I just realized I could get the same package online from some place--one price is listed at about $12 but then I think you have to pay shipping. Regardless, all-in-all I am pleased with my purchase today.

By the way, I can't tell you how many times today I kept thinking my "Olfa" brand rotary cutter was an "Olaf." haha!