PostalThreads Sporty Garland in primary colors and grey

What is the story behind this PostalThreads photo? Coming soon....

UPDATE: I wanted to feel some community spirit. Not many things top out feeling a part of the community like 1) viisitng the local post office or 2) County Fairs!...not just attending, but submitting entries to the fair!

We went on my birthday (my request). What my husband did not know, however, was that we would see a few things familiar to our home.  When we walked in he said, "What's our teepee doing here?!" Then we BOTH had a fun surprise when we saw a big ribbon--"Best of Division" on the teepee.  The other entries: PostalThreads sporty garland, my daughter's white baby blessing dress, and some fun origami cards received blue ribbons. HiphipHorray! A fun time was had by all. :) I will try to post a few more photos soon..


PostalThreads: Fun Reusable Decor!

PostalThreads Black, White, Gold Reusable Decor Balloon Ball Garland for festive celebrations! I made 7 balloon balls, coordinating 3 designs from Emma & Mila's collection"Eve" including: Baubles Black, Confetti Black, & Jumbo Hoops on White

If you are not a fan of the garland, check out the Hanging Balloon Ball Bundle! Inspired during "take-down". This is a fun look as well. These PostalThreads balloon balls fill space like a group of puffy tissue paper balls, but do not bleed in the rain [for those who do not let a little rain dampen their festivities!], and they fold up flat for easy storage. Fun reusable decor!

PostalThreads on Etsy: PostalThreads Balloon Ball and Decor Balloon Ball Garland photos!

Festive Custom, Reusable, Fabric Balloon Ball Garland by PostalThreads

Easy to store decor; suitable for indoor/outdoor occasions; customize color schemes to match all your celebrations throughout the year.

PostalThreads shop photos are up thanks to a splendid time at the family reunion. Visit PostalThreads shop on Etsy