PostalThreads shop story fabric balloon balls

PostalThreads now open on Etsy! Shop for balloon balls and custom reusable festive decor balloon ball garland at PostalThreads!

PostalThreads, created in July 2015, emerged out of on-going creative projects & a love for sending & receiving real mail.  Current listings feature custom fabric balloon balls & custom garland.  Since PostalThreads balloon balls ship flat they are perfect to send in the mail to friends and family near and far away.

Lisa: "One of the things I love most about constructing fabric balloon balls is the fact that the final step for balloon ball completion is left up to the recipient who blows up their fabric balloon ball for the first time, and many times more after that, ultimately reaping the giggles & fun memories made.  The reusable nature of the fabric balloon ball allows balloon ball fans to let the balloon ball come & go as they please.  Perfect for indoor/outdoor use, packing in a purse, traveling light to the lake, camping, gifting near or far; the list could go on.   I love sharing in the process of creating such festive, bright and bouncy, reusable toys and decor, providing instant backyard fun anywhere, any season!"

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