First Time Craft Show---Balloon Balls: Ready! Get Set!...GO!

Simple Treasures is underway!

I still had to sew some button holes in the "tablecloth" so we could use this strap to secure our set-up. It worked out great! [I wasn't sure which side the "ball cage" was going to be.]

 These were some of the photos posted on the Simple Treasures Website leading up to the event!
We met our neighbors--the Johnson's down from Shelley, Idaho! Raylene bought 5 balloon balls! Talk about a great kick-off for this first-craft-show-ever experience!

I have to say, it has been fun to create a "look" when designing the whole booth display.  I LOVE the fun business cards Amelia designed!  And I love paying close attention to some of the details--for example, tablecloths.  Before I pinned some corners & straighten things up a bit this is what it looked like:



The neighbors had moved a few things around--for the better probably.  At first I thought we got kind of lost in the change-up, but can't say it's really been a problem.  After the first 3 hours 17 (well 12 actually if you don't include Raylene's 5) had been sold.  Even some gift wrap sold.  Not so sure about the cards...are people forgetting Teacher Appreciation?!  Mother's Day and Father's Day?  Simple notes to say, "Hello"?!  It's all good, I guess.

Coming Soon...

  • Yellow/gray
  • A couple more poppy/turquoise
  • And finally get to the anchor fabric, tonight or tomorrow morning.

This is fun.  One of my most favorite things, however, I feel as though I have not put it out there very well--that is the ad/poem. I wrote it. It can be found on the back of the balloon ball package:

Ready! Get Set!
  Bounce ··· Toss ··· Head ··· Throw
  Reach ·· Laugh ·· Kick ·· Catch
  Gift ·  Juggle · Dodge · Roll
  With the reusable fabric balloon ball, you are
           Always ready on the   GO!

You are about to become a
Fabric Balloon Ball Fan!
Step 1: Center one latex balloon through fabric slit in top of fabric balloon ball cover.
Step 2: Inflate balloon; continue inflating until seams fill out entirely.
Step 3: Tie off balloon & tuck end under fabric.
Questions/Comments/Special Orders:
My husband reminded me that "Indoors", "Outdoors", and "Decorate" would all be fitting words as well.  I can't wait to use a bunch to decorate for a summer cookout soon!....or take one camping!


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