Balloon Balls: Thank you!

Most "businesses" stay in the red for the first little while when they get going.  I can't say that though about the Balloon Balls booth at Simple Treasures this week, thanks to an overwhelming turn out and support from the now Balloon Ball Fans!!!  I won't know if we're in the show leading up to the holidays until some future unknown date, but I hope so.  I would love to have another go at spreading some balloon ball love and enthusiasm.

One of my favorite comments today from a shopper & friend came via text message: "We found them. Emili couldn't stop playing with them and we are getting these two because Abbi couldn't decide which one they like best."

That's the seersucker I am talking about!!

I have not actually counted the number of balloon balls sold, but what can I say? It is kind of hard to keep track when 4 more sell an hour into clean up time (2 hours after closed-to-the-public time)! :)  I think I put out about 55 throughout the show, and came home with 7? ...All right, all right, I am letting it all go to my head a little. I apologize.  But I am excited.

We could not have done it without our Fans!  Thank you!

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