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Hello! Welcome to PostalThreads. Creative Home, Sewing, Going, Sharing & Crafts. I'm Lisa.
I love to sew. Now as a stay-at-home-mom, it is officially sewing season all year long, instead of only in the summer months. Formerly a middle school teacher of Family & Consumer Sciences for 5 years, I cannot say I ever truly "sewed-up-a-storm" until now. I started this blog to document the projects I have enjoyed making in these past recent years, many of which have been inspired by everyday home & family living.
Engaging in social media beyond the "Create An Account" phase is fairly new to me, just to give you a heads-up. I don't really have an explanation, but I do enjoy learning new things. Thank you for being a part of this little PostalThreads space. Here is to the good old fashioned Blogger template and imperfect photos, all for the sake of sharing and creativity and fun...and maybe somewhere down the road a little inspiration for some. Hope you will come again!

Interests: family & faith, children, home, fashion, sewing, fabric, paper, simple origami, thrifting, creating, beauty, festivities, helping, food, PostalThreads, balloon balls, real mail, gift giving, quiet book pages, sports, running, Estonian national flower--blue cornflowers, backyard fun

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop?

PostalThreads, created in July 2015, emerged out of on-going creative projects & a love for sending & receiving real mail.  Current listings feature custom fabric balloon balls & custom d├ęcor balloon ball garland.

2. Why Fabric Balloon Balls?
Combining so many aspects I love into one just seemed to make sense:
  -Sewing & creating, especially things that are reusable, & the color scheme possibilities are endless.
  -Sending & receiving real mail.

  -Having played a lot of sports growing up as the only girl in my family with 4 brothers.
  -Festivities [hence the line of custom decor balloon ball garlands] & good old fashioned backyard fun.
  - Finding a little niche out there to contribute & participate in the home & craft blogging world that I have been enjoying for so long.
  -Sharing things I love to make, with others.

Originally, I decided to make balloon balls to send to 11 nieces & nephews in the mail for Valentine's. But then I thought more people need to know about these & I would be delighted to make them. So I applied for a booth at a popular local craft show & was accepted. The balloon ball booth was successful so I put a little more focus into developing a shop on Etsy.  Many thanks to Amelia from the Etsy shop MarigoldRegards for the Etsy help!

One of the things I love most about constructing fabric balloon balls is the fact that the final step for balloon ball completion is left up to the recipient who blows up their fabric balloon ball for the first time, and many times more after that, ultimately reaping the giggles & fun memories made.  The reusable nature of the fabric balloon ball allows balloon ball fans to let the balloon ball come & go as they please. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use, packing in a purse, traveling light to the lake, camping, gifting near or far; the list could go on. I love sharing in the process of creating such festive, bright and bouncy, reusable toys and decor, providing instant backyard fun anywhere, any season!

3. Are you going to post only about Fabric Balloon Balls on your blog?

I am currently on a balloon ball kick.  But I would love to do more tutorial posts like the DIY Play Parachute tutorial. I would also love to create different series--like maybe an alphabet series highlighting sewing/craft projects I have completed (and enjoyed!). I would also love to use this space eventually to post special offers for PostalThreads shop and give-aways, and sponsor give-aways on other blogs as well!

4. What is the best way to contact you?
  --Conversation in PostalThreads Etsy shop or shoot me an email at lillekenalisa@gmail.com

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