DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads--Fabric Stash Buster

Versatile DIY for party & fabric lovers!

I love outdoor backyard fun. These lights add a pop of color and special handmade-with-heart vibe to any occasion you are planning to host this spring/summer! From an elaborate family reunion or barbecue to a little girl's tea party or family dinner, these lights contribute to a warm, festive atmosphere conducive to memorable, hometown style, backyard family fun. Countless color schemes & fabric prints = the sky is the limit, when it comes to designing your very own strand of DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads.

DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads

[I haven't figured out how to get this 58 second video tutorial to play on a mobile device but it works on my desktop??] I'll probably post it on Instagram next week @PostalThreads :)

What you will need:

  • A strand of white lights (Length of strand is up to you! Consider where you want the lights to go & how ever much "in-the-maker-zone" you have time for)...also, for this project, I prefer lights with a green strand since it matches the green floral tape.
  • Green floral tape
  • Fabric scraps ( at least about 6" x 3 1/4")
  • Rotary cutter & mat (or fabric scissors)
  • To make an easy template you need: a bowl [about 6" wide] to trace a half circle; paper; pencil; ruler (make pattern 5 3/4" wide and about 3 1/8" at the highest point of the half circle).
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue gun glue sticks
DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads: What you will need


1. Make an easy template (see notes above for specifications)
2. Cut out how ever many fabric half circles you need. Below are a few tips:
  • It is ok to cut through more than one layer; you just want to be able to get a nice clean cut. (I like to use a rotary mat & cutter; use caution)
  • I used eyelet & lace scraps for the white ones. I was worried the lace would not be stable enough to hold the cone/bell shape nicely, so I backed it when fusible interfacing. Depending on what fabric you choose, you may wish to do the same.
  • You don't have to be EXACT when it comes to cutting out your fabric with the print/design perfectly lined up! (See how crooked the navy blue gingham is below, ha.) These flat pieces will turn into 3 dimensional cone/bell shapes.
DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads
  • Take into consideration how many lights you need to wrap and how many different fabric colors and/or prints you would like to use. Then do a little math. For example if you are doing 50 lights, and you are using 5 different colors or fabric prints, you need to cut out 10 of each color or fabric print.
3. Heat up your hot glue gun.
4. Carefully apply a relatively thin line of hot glue near the edge of the fabric half circle. Refer to the photo below and or video to see about where to apply the glue. (About 2 inches along, on one side, near the straight edge).
5. Repeat step 4 until you have finished creating all the cone/bells you need.
Insert light through the top of the cone shape, position in place, and hold in place between thumb and index finger of one hand while you wrap & stretch floral tape 2 or 3 times around the base of the light. This may seem a little tricky at first, but the more you do it the faster you will be, and you'll discover what works for you.
6. Hang lights. Never leave lights on, unattended! Enjoy!

Please comment below! Is this something you would do? I would love your feedback when you try this! And if you would like, follow me on Instagram @PostalThreads and tag #PostalThreads when you share your own creation of DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads!


DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads

DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads

DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads
DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads

DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads

DIY Festive Party Lights by PostalThreads

PostalThreads Video

PostalThreads has been closed since before the last market I participated in, in November!!! Since about that time we got our first smartphones ever, I made an Instagram account for PostalThreads (@PostalThreads), I completed the Knitwear Design class I was taking at the local community college fashion institute & earned an A! And we enjoyed lots of family time throughout the was our Littlest One's first Christmas!!!

I made my first little movie ever to inspire you to send some love via snail mail this Valentines season! [But obviously I still need to work on my technical skills if you can't view it!! : / ...UPDATE: Heyy! Some of it got cut off, but I finally figured out how to post the little movie on Instagram @PostalThreads...look for the door hanging of a bouquet of roses :)]

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Time to catch up!

I had a lot of fun participating in the Simple Treasures Boutique holiday show last week. They sure know how to put a lot under one roof! (well, two.) Thank you for the support! IMO everyone who goes has a great time. They have so much variety, that there literally is a "simple treasure" for everyone. I love their central checkout so I don't have to "man my booth". And that way I can have a booth and still take care of young kids. Of course BEING there might help to tell people about these amazing balloon balls! So they don't just say huh?? and keep walking! hahaha

These next few weeks I will be catching up on homework. I'm taking a knitwear college class! We're learning all about sewing/serging with knit fabric and basic pattern making for knit patterns. I love it. Once I am all caught up, I hope to accomplish the following blog-related goals:

  • Blog about what I learned in my knitwear class
  • Decide how much time I want to put into my Etsy shop: PostalThreads (Which btw will remain on vacation mode until I catch up with my homework!)
  • ...and maybe I should FINISH the "Sew Up a Storm" Alphabet Series!!! I was supposed to finish that before Baby #2 came in June, but I think I only got to the letter "T" or something!! "Nap time/Go, go Sew Time" seems to be getting shorter and shorter at our house, but it's all good!
One more random thing before I go:

I made French macarons again last night! And they turned out, again! 👏 Check out this post where I first blogged about my French macaron experience.



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"Over-the-Top" Party Decor

Every Carousel Needs a Ferris Wheel to Go With It

Inspired by a photo of the carousel cake my mother made for me on my 2nd birthday, I recently set out to make a carousel cake for our little girl's birthday! I started off in my head like, "All I need are some animal crackers or cookies, a few paper straws (which I already have), and a doily to go on top; we'll keep it simple." But, like most creative pursuits, this one just kept going...until it reached a bit "over--the-top".  Needless to say, we had a very fun birthday celebration, not to mention all the fun in the party prepping!

I decided to create this "new line" to sell at the local craft boutique, along with the balloon balls I keep putting off sewing! Every occasion unique gold decor. I can't wait to see how it goes!!! 

More Carousel Horses:

A Few More Carousel Horse Party Details....

Easy-to-store Halloween Decor: Butternut Squash Ghosts

Butternut Squash Ghosts--1) up-cycle white tights, 2) adhesive backed black felt scraps, 3) butternut squash

3 Butternut Squash Ghosts covered with leg pieces of white tights. Black felt for eyes. Easy storage decor. Displayed next to candy corn candy dish.
Bringing back an "oldie" but a "goodie" from last Halloween. I'm telling you! I can't get enough of these  butternut squash ghosts. Talk about the easiest decor ever! These should win a prize for best use of storage space! The "Easiest to Store Decor" award goes to....Butternut Squash Ghosts!!! All those ceramic jack-o-lanterns I keep seeing are super cute, but do you really have a place to store all of that?? okay..I'll back off because I am not one to question if there is space to store things or not... But go find some old tights, or sweater sleeve and give these fall friends a try!

[Originally posted on PostalThreads in Jan 2016]
What I Did: Inspired by a photo I saw in another library book (see below), I up-cycled an old, worn out pair of white tights by cutting the leg parts into into three sections and discarding the rest--three sections, since, at the time, I had 3 butternut squash on hand! Then I used sticky-backed black felt (found at most craft stores), to cut out "ghost eye" shapes. The templates in the back of the book were helpful in coming up with some of the eye shapes. Then I stretched a piece of stocking/tights over each butternut squash, stuck the eyes on, and set out my new decor! The stocking ghosts are so easy to store when the season is through. We love butternut squash in the fall so it's a given that we'll have some around.

Idea Inspiration: One day at the local public library, I came across Matthew Mead's Monster Book of HalloweenISBN: 9781603201056  Publication Information: New York, N.Y. : Time Home Entertainment, c2009. Physical Description: 256 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Cover image for Matthew Mead's monster book of Halloween.
This book is so fun. Every page is loaded with pictures, ideas, and brief descriptions. In the very back there is an entire section of templates from miniature jack-o'-lantern faces, bats, cats, ghost garland, a moon man, to candy corn, and more!

On page 129, I came across the "Gourd Warmer". It suggests embellishing, with black yarn stitches, an orange small, child-size knit hat to create a jack-o'-lantern face, and then to pull it over a gourd--looks to me like a butternut squash.

I thought, "I don't have an orange knit hat, but I have a pair of white tights I am about to throw out!" A few moments later I had three little butternut squash ghosts!

Try it! Your guests will be sure to comment on your clever gourd ghosts!